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Kelowna & Okanagan Speakers - EXPERIENCE THE "British Columbia Benefit!"

Kelowna & Okanagan Region Speakers add sizzle and success to your event!

Engage one of our Kelowna & Okanagan region speakers for your next event. These speakers are based in, work in, or want to work in, the Okanagan, BC region.

British Columbia is rich in resources, energy, pioneering, and the West Coast entrepreneurial spirit.

BC is also a leading exporter of some of the best leaders, motivational speakers, engaging trainers, inspirational leadership, sales training, business success coaches, innovative consultants, experts, and business expert authors across North America.

The Okanagan is one of the most beautiful regions in the world, and the setting choice for thousands of conferences each year. Whether it is Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon, Kamloops or other scenic Okanagan region, you'll find a warm welcome and a wonderful setting. The Kelowna and Okanagan region is also the home, and/or preferred workplace of some amazing speakers and trainers from across the world.

Alphabetical listing of participating speakers based in, working in, or wanting to work in, the Kelowna and Okanagan region. Click on Speaker's name to visit their listing. For a larger biography of each speaker, click on the link which says "More information about ..."

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Contact these Kelowna and Okanagan region speakers directly to discuss adding a fresh BC perspective to your upcoming meeting, convention, or training event. Engage one of these Kelowna and Okanagan region speakers to help ensure it will be an amazing success.

Crystal Flaman
Crystal Flaman

Professional Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, 100km Ultra-Marathoner and Ironman Triathlete.
Crystal is dynamic, enthusiastic and funny! She works for and speaks with organizations who want to help their people live a more inspired life and have more energy on a daily basis! She inspires her audiences to achieve greater success, find fulfillment and discover their potential!

Contact Crystal Flaman:
Toll Free: 1-877-779-3577

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Faith Wood
Faith Wood

Faith helps groups and individuals identify where they may be losing objectivity and perspective, particularly where it relates to their communication and presentation style. With energy, enthusiasm and (often) laugh out loud stories/scenarios, Faith shares a “behind the curtains” look at how groups and individuals try to wiggle out of the conflicts (and communication traps) they find themselves facing.

Contact Faith Wood:
403-461-3498 FAX: 403-420-1346

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Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey
Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Accredited Speaker, Best-selling author.
If you are in leadership, sell for a living, or depend on your ability to persuade for your success, Canada's Idea Man can give you the 'Creative Advantage' in hosting a successful meeting or conference, in building a successful career, in selling more, or in successfully leading your organization to the next level.

Contact Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey:
780-736-0009 (Creative Office)
1-888-848-8407 Toll Free (USA & Canada)

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Darci Lang
Darci Lang

Focus on the 90%.
Have you ever met anyone who complains about their job? Do you believe a negative person can bring down the group? Why do we spend 90% of our time on 10% of our clients? Darci believes we hold a magnifying glass out in front of us in our lives and only we can choose where we focus it, on the 90% or the 10%.

Contact Darci Lang:

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Darren Lang
Darren Lang

Professional Speaker & Trainer.
Tired of working with a stressed team? Is your group suffering from burn-out, apathy, absenteeism and health trouble? Stress can have a huge impact on your team, resulting in poor decision making, lack luster performance, stress leave and staff turnover. Darren shares his own journey with stress and the tools that brought him back to feeling his best.

Contact Darren Lang:

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